Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Frustrating Days

These past few weeks have been pretty frustrating. I was told that I would be going to Job Corps for dental assisting between mid Feb. and mid March, but then the JC representative called me and informed me that I wasn't going to be put on the waiting list until after July. He also said that if I still want to be in JC I'd have to switch trades, switch campuses (to one north of Seattle. If I went there I wouldn't be able to come home at all except for the two weeks in the summer and winter), or I can just wait until July. But by the time July gets here, the waiting list will be longer.

After being upset about not going to JC, I looked into the dental assisting program at PCC. I talked with an adviser yesterday about applying to it and learned that I have to wait until September to apply, then wait until September 2013 to see if I am accepted. Which isn't guaranteed because they basically pull names out of a hat to choose who gets in.

It just seems like every door that I see open gets shut in my face when I'm about to walk through it..I don't really know what to do at this point.


mommarazzi said...

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

If you are seeking God's direction, when doors close, a good thing to remember is to go back to the last place that you knew you were doing what you were supposed to do. Then ask, seek, knock until another door opens.

You and Charlie are going to be just fine. We live in a crazy world but as long as you are doing something and moving forward you can be steered. It's when you stop moving that the rudder doesn't work.

Don't stress. Don't worry. Trust and obey. Be Happy!

Lyssa said...

Hey you..this is Logan. Perhaps now is a good time to hurry up and wait. Work hard and enjoy your job and make the best of it. There is plenty of time for the rest of life to happen. I have more stuff to say, but I'm not going to type it on here. If you want to hear what I think, give me a call.

Reese said...

Mom's right, just keep moving forward. Feeling like all the best options are being taken away from you is frustrating. I felt the same way when I got a letter saying my financial aid (which I has already been awarded) was being revoked because of a new policy in Alaska. A few months later, I moved to Walla Walla! You never know what's right around the corner, hang in there :)

Lyssa said...

I agree with the above. Don't stress. Don't worry. Work hard. Enjoy yourself where God has you now. Trust. Be happy. And hang in there!

Sorry you are frustrated. I hope that these encouraging words do encourage you. It's not bad to turn from a door, now closed, you thought would stay open. You didn't do anything wrong by trying things that didn't pan out. Just like Mom said, ask, seek, knock (he will answer, it's a promise). Until the next door becomes clear be a light at your work, in your family, and to your friends. God's timing is perfect, seek Him and His wisdom :) He won't fail you.
Love you,

Courtenzia said...

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words =)
Mom, I'll try.

Logan, I'll try to give you a call tomorrow. Or rather, today =)

Cherise, what did Alaska have to do with anything in Oregon???? Are you saying that I'll be moving to Walla Walla? Because Charlie and I were talking about it after visiting you guys.

Lyssa, thanks =) Love you too! These words did encourage me. I feel like its ok to wait now, whereas before I really felt like I had to go, go, go and not take any breaks and just jump into whatever thing came up first. I'm still a little frustrated with things not working out though..

Reese said...

Don't you remember I was going to go to school in Alaska? I had been accepted, registered, payed a downpayment on a dorm and then found out I couldn't go. I lost my $300 deposit on the dorm and was left with no plans, just frustration.

And then, I moved to Walla Walla :)

Not saying you are moving here too, just thats what opened up for me. So... yeah.

Lyssa said...

I remember