Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Frustrating Days

These past few weeks have been pretty frustrating. I was told that I would be going to Job Corps for dental assisting between mid Feb. and mid March, but then the JC representative called me and informed me that I wasn't going to be put on the waiting list until after July. He also said that if I still want to be in JC I'd have to switch trades, switch campuses (to one north of Seattle. If I went there I wouldn't be able to come home at all except for the two weeks in the summer and winter), or I can just wait until July. But by the time July gets here, the waiting list will be longer.

After being upset about not going to JC, I looked into the dental assisting program at PCC. I talked with an adviser yesterday about applying to it and learned that I have to wait until September to apply, then wait until September 2013 to see if I am accepted. Which isn't guaranteed because they basically pull names out of a hat to choose who gets in.

It just seems like every door that I see open gets shut in my face when I'm about to walk through it..I don't really know what to do at this point.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, today Charlie and I went to the Greyhound station with my mom, little brother, and nephew. Charlie went off to Job Corps and I spent the day with my parents. I did pretty well, I think, because I didn't cry very much until I got home. I completely lost it right after I walked upstairs and it hit me that I am gonna have to go to bed alone =( Ever since getting married there hasn't been anything I've disliked more than going to bed alone..but I know I'll be ok. I just need a little time to adjust.

I'm not sure when it'll happen, but I'm going to be moving in with my parents until Charlie is done with Job Corps. It's going to be a big change, I'll be closer to school but farther than work.

This isn't going to be easy. I'm going to cry a lot, I'll want him to come home, he'll want to come home, and we're both going to have to do things that we don't want to do. But I know we can definitely get through it. He'll have me and our families and friends supporting him and I'll have the families and friends here with me. But right now...I don't want to go to sleep because I know that I'll wake up and I won't see him...(sorry about the depressing end to this post. I'm not feeling super fantastic right now)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Just a blip

Just so you all know, Charlie and I are doing good. We're dealing with stuff newly married people deal with when they live with their in-laws. All in all we're happy and looking forward to moving out on our own and making a life for ourselves =)

Since Charlie lost his job we've both been looking for work. I got a job at Toys R Us/Babies R Us (my orientation is tomorrow at 12:30, wish me luck!!) Charlie is still searching, but hopefully he'll find something soon =)

Speaking of finding work... Both Charlie and I will be going to Job Corps, he's going for welding and I'm going to (hopefully) be a pharmacy technician. We don't have a definite date yet, but when we do...I'll most likely post it on Facebook.

Aaaaaaaand, I'm in school! I'm taking two courses, History 201 and Math 70. I'm doing well as far as I can tell. But we'll find out when the graded work comes back.

So yeah =)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Life is Interesting

So, here are some pictures from my life because its interesting.

Charlie and I went to the zoo with Cherise, Alyssa, and the kids =)

Walking passed the goats.

Danika "couldn't walk" =P

Genevieve being cute.

Rowan showing off his ticket =)

Obviously not afraid of the Dinosaurs =)

Genevieve, Rowan, and Danika all sitting or standing on the stone animals.

At the Serengeti

Henry's got a heart on his back =D

Climbing the termite mounds

Katelin's Graduation!

Katie's mode of transportation that evening.

Space invaders (made from Sticky Notes)

Random pretty flowers

Tom, Katie, Carl, Courtney, Courtney's friend

Katie and her friend AJ

Kim and her youngest ones

Katie and me =)

Very cute picture of Bella and Katie =)

Justin came over!

This is pretty much all that goes on when Justin comes over =P

Awesome tv from mom and dad! =D

We worked in the vegetable garden!

Charlie mounding a bit more dirt onto the potatoes

As Charlie was weeding an area for me to plant onions and carrots, he found a bit of a tree stump.

Here is the hole it came from.

New vegetable plants! YAY!!

Cucumbers =)

Charlie and I went for a walk to Starbucks =)

While I was taking these pictures Charlie kept telling me that the people who live at the condos will think I'm crazy...I said I don't mind =P

Mom, I took this picture for you =)

And a tree.

Well, thats my interesting life.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stuff going on

So, there's been stuff going on. I quit my "job" and am looking for a new one. Not always the easiest thing, but its gotta be done. Also, I got the fabric to do the binding on my quilt!! I'll get pictures of the finished product up here soon (hopefully)

Tonight I got to go with my parents-in-law and Sam to a dinner to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Camp Jonah. Sam volunteered there last summer and has been helping out on many weekends since. He has also helped out at their winter camp. He's going to go again this summer, and honestly I wouldn't mind going myself. But I'm not willing to leave Charlie for that long, he'd be ok and get along fine without me, but I'd miss him far too much =( Anyhow, we got to go meet some of the other "staffies" as they're called there. All the people are so nice and it seems like a really awesome place for kids and teens to go to get to know other people and, most importantly, get closer to the Lord. I even got to buy a hoodie =D (thanks to my father-in-law) And on top of all that, I ran into some good friends. Mike and Debbie Young happened to be at the dinner because the youth leader at their church (also my parents' church) has been volunteering at Jonah for years.

In other news, Charlie and I are doing alright. We're happy and lovin being married =) Money gets tight, sometimes we don't have any. But we have God, each other, and our families to support and love us =)

I wouldn't trade any part of my life for anything. I have awesome parents and parents-in-law, I have the most amazing husband, I have the coolest siblings, and I have great friends. What more could a woman want??

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just a quick little post

Alright, so I started a quilt last year and I stopped working on it because I got busy. I felt like putting the rest together, so I finished the top tonight! I'm proud of myself =)
Charlie helped by taking pictures.

What do you think??

This one is of the top and the backing. They don't "match", but I think they're cute together and the little bird fabric is a SUPER soft flannel =D

These two are kinda dark, but they are my Valentines decorations so far. If the hallway wasn't a tad bit messy I would have been able to get better pictures =/ Oh well, I'll get some more later on when I have more decorations! =)

Here's some new pics!

Here are some pictures from the time I got my new camera to the new year =)

This is when we got our black Wii. Charlie was very happy, but not as happy as when his family got their Original Nintendo. His little 3-year-old self was laying on top of the box hugging it =P
Charlie got me a pink Wii remote.
This one is random, I just like the figurine.
Thanksgiving at mom and dad's
Rowan being weird.
Charlie eating Katie.
Charlie victoriously standing over our Christmas tree
Our first Christmas tree!
My chocolate Christmas cupcakes.
Mom's birthday. Rowan helped blow out the candles =)
Mom got us new t-shirts that say
"What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe" =P
Making bread buns.
Wyatt with his dad.
Genevieve in cutie jammies
Danika at Christmas breakfast
Rowan making a really weird face.
Big brother to be, Henry.
Garrett! He's such a sweetie.
Cutest Katie of them all
All the kids except Wyatt, he was taking a bath.
New Years eve =)
Also New Years eve..looks like they were pretty tired even at 10:30 =P

Well, there's lots of pictures and not very many words..but that's alright, I think. In the next post I think I'll try to even it out a little more.